Seamless multi-platform distribution: Cablecast VIO + Cablecast 7.0

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Bring vital local content to your community wherever and whenever they watch. Cablecast VIO video servers have expanded file support, greater channel density, IP input support, as well as a built-in bulletin board that does fun tricks like squeeze-backs. The new Cablecast 7.0 software includes a heads up channel display monitor in the UI, digital file uploading for web-only distribution—now you can use Cablecast for live streaming, VOD and OTT, with or without a cable channel— and more!


Introductions 00:00:00

Cablecast VIO Servers - Fresh New Hardware 00:00:26

Cablecast 7.0: Heads Up Display Monitoring 00:02:50

Cablecast VIO: Codec libraries for Playback 00:05:24

Cablecast VIO: Codec libraries for Encode 00:07:03

Cablecast 7.0 - Digital File Uploading 00:08:11

Cablecast CG - Broadcast Centric Bulletin Board 00:11:00

Cablecast 7.0: Channel Branding in UI 00:13:23

Cablecast VIO + Cablecast CG: Squeeze Backs 00:16:02

What Can Cablecast Flex Users Expect in v7.1? 00:21:18

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