Covering Government Meetings with Cablecast

Open Agenda

Introductions 00:00:00

Housekeeping & Other Announcements

Cablecast 6.4 Presentation Overview 00:05:13

A quick overview of what is to come in this webinar on the Cablecast 6.4 feature release.

Closed Captioning support for VOD & Live 00:06:50

Custom Fields 00:09:33

Use custom fields to optimize search and reports.

Using Custom Fields on your Public Site 00:18:07

Display custom metadata with your videos.

Embedding a Meeting Agenda 00:20:24

Use custom fields in Cablecast to embed PDF files such as meeting agendas. Your embedded file will display next to the video player on your public site.

Live Chaptering for VOD 00:22:39

Add in chapter markers for your on-demand videos during the live capture.